After an unsuccessful start the WDA is back under a new team, Omega Sports Ventures (OSV), and we are ready to grow this brand to become a global force in the world of darts.

We have took over the WDA as we believe this brand has potential be a success, if run properly. Because of the unsuccessful first launch we understand people may be skeptical, however, rest assured we are different from the previous regime and we are determined to take our first step into the world of darts!

Over the last few months we have been working behind the scenes to make sure we are prepared for the challenge ahead and with the launch of the new WDA website we have certainly got the ball rolling. As for events, the first  WDA event, under OSV, will be later this year. We will be keeping some of the existing tournaments as well as adding new events.

The WDA had some interesting changes for darts and OSV will continue to experiment with new ideas to make darts more interesting, entertaining as well as to help make the WDA stand out from the BDO, WDF and PDC. We hope all you darts players and fans will join us on our journey!